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CONNECT research on Connecting Eternal Systems deals with the actual dynamic networking of digital systems by investigating (i) the assumptions about the networked systems concerning their minimal a priori exposed semantic description together with (ii) the deployment of CONNECT enablers within the network.

It effectively architects together the various pieces contributing to realize the CONNECT vision, from formal foundations to protocol learning and synthesis.

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Connecting Eternal Systems

CONNECT research on Formal Foundations for Connectors concentrates on the formal modeling of interaction behaviors towards automated learning, reasoning and synthesis, hence setting the bases for dynamically generating connectors.

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CONNECT research on Dynamic Connector Synthesis focuses on one of the enablers of connectors generation, i.e., the automated synthesis of connectors according to the interaction behaviors of networked systems seeking to communicate.

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Dynamic Connector Synthesis

CONNECT research on Interaction Behavior Monitoring & Learning devises the other key enabler of CONNECT, i.e., discovering the specifications of the interaction behaviors of networked systems.

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Interaction Behavior Monitoring & Learning

CONNECT research on Dependability Assurance complements the above studies with methods, tools and mechanisms to ensure the dependability of CONNECTed systems.

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Dependability Assuranc

CONNECT research on Experiment & Assessment deals with the thorough assessment of CONNECT research based on experimentation with future real-life scenarios, including scenarios in the area of GMES - Global Monitoring for Environment & Security.

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Experiment & Assessment
The CONNECT project acknowledges the financial support of the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme within the ICT theme of the Seventh Framework Programme for Research of the European Commission.