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 Box 256,
SE-751 05 Uppsala, Sweden

Phone:+46 18 471 00 00

Team members
Bengt Jonsson

Bengt Jonsson


Wang Yi

Wang Yi


Uppsala Universitet

Uppsala University ( is Scandinavia's oldest university. In CONNECT, the University is represented by the Department of Information Technology, which hosts a broad range of research activities in computer science, scientific computing, automated control, signal processing, and other related areas. A number of research centers are associated with the department. An example is the recently awarded “VINN Excellence Center” WISENET, hosting multidisciplinary research in wireless networks.

Expertise brought to CONNECT

The team of Uppsala University contributes its expertise in semantics, specification, verification, testing, and learning for concurrent and distributed systems. The team has strong expertise in techniques for learning the behavior of components in concurrent systems, and their relation to testing and monitoring. In previous efforts, the group has contributed world-leading results on semantic modeling of components in concurrent systems (non-deterministic Kahn-networks, I/O-automata, pi-calculus, timed CCS). It has developed world-leading paradigms in automated verification (verification of infinite-state systems, regular model checking, the UPPAAL model checker (jointly with Aalborg University) for timed systems).

Contribution to CONNECT research

Within CONNECT, the team contribute its expertise in techniques for learning the behavior of components in concurrent systems, and in extending existing techniques to cover new computational models and data aspects. It also contributes its expertise in compositional modeling and specification techniques, as well as synthesis techniques.


The CONNECT project acknowledges the financial support of the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme within the ICT theme of the Seventh Framework Programme for Research of the European Commission.